About Us

Jon S Lewis or JS Lewis middle grade author photo

Writing Middle Grade is a website dedicated to providing critical inside information about the publishing industry that will help middle grade authors find and secure literary agents, as well as get their manuscripts published.

There are endless online sources that intend to help authors, but Writing Middle Grade is the only site that is entirely focused on middle grade fiction.

The content we provide is governed by four critical pillars:

  • Transparency: we want to provide insider information that most people in the publishing industry are not willing to share.
  • Authenticity: the content is authoritative but it’s not stuffy. You’re going to get great information, but it’s going to include stories that will illustrate why the content is important.
  • Honesty: you’re going to get the real story–that means the good and the bad. This site is about giving you real information. Sometimes it will be encouraging, and sometimes it will force you to face difficult truths, but it’s all intended to help you.
  • Accuracy: this content is accurate to the experience of the writers. Where data needs to be sourced, it is. Where there are quotes, it is attributed to the author.

The editor-in-chief of Writing Middle Grades is Jon S. Lewis, the bestselling co-author of two middle grade trilogies: The Grey Griffins (Scholastic) and The Grey Griffins Clockwork Chronicles (Little Brown Books for Young Readers).

Lewis is also the author of the CHAOS Trilogy (HarperCollins), a young adult urban sci-fi series.

He’s also an award-winning digital marketer who has led content strategy for Time Warner Cable, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, GORE-TEX, and many more brands.